Meet the Team

Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company

My History

What started off as a hobby, making designs for my friend's album covers and flyers for my church, created a desire for more knowledge in digital media. I found out where creativity and design met in 2008 when I hesitantly enrolled into The International Academy of Design and Technology. After much planning and prayer, I was determined to further my education as well as gain more experience toward perfecting my craft. School was a major adjustment and life changing decision. Through the fears, I remained motivated to be an inspiration and example for my children as well as any other woman who think that being a mother and entrepreneur will hinder you from planting seeds toward your future. I get to do a lot of work for artist, churches and businesses.

I enjoy doing graphics so it's far from being a job for me. DESIGN IS A PART OF ME! God blessed me with this gift and I will not bury my talents!. I will use my talents not just as a form of income or a hobby; I also want the work I do to inspire up-n-coming designers as well.

My History

From the time I wrote my first line of code, I felt that I then had the power to change the world. Working professionally in my field for the past 5 years, I have been able to work on projects using bleeding edge technologies, which in turn have made the lives of millions of people more effective which in my opinion changed a small piece of the world.

I am excited about new web technologies that enhance and innovate the way in which we communicate and interact with each other and the world. Our goal is to provide my clients with the best that the web has to offer, keeping them up to date and ahead of the game. The future of the internet is bright and we are only in the infancy of the webs lifecycle, I plan to evolve as a developer taking the world of technology to its next phase.